Community Event: The Queen City Project

It started with a vision for underutilized space in The Queen City of Plainfield, New Jersey. It became a cultural moment for the entire community. Plainfield'a own Moneta-Kai, the coordinator behind the 1st Annual Queen City Project, is invested in creating culture that highlights the city as a palace for the people.

The Queen City Project was brought to life as a collaboration between Moneta-Kai, Comma Crazy, and Plainfield's Parks and Recreation Department. Dozens of vendors lined the walkways of Madison Avenue Skate Park, ranging from food trucks like Cave Kitchen to clothing brands like Good Soil and BrownMill Company.

The community also watched DJ's plug-in and jam during Open Decks, sponsored by Cartel Nation. Each DJ would set up round table style and mix by ear alongside other DJs simultaneously. When it comes to preserving the culture, there aren't many cities or organizations investing in the sharpness of Hip Hop's heralds. The crowd made their appreciation well-known.

In addition, Open Skate was sponsored by The SkateTrap. A steady rotation of skateboards, rollerskates, and BMX bikes flew by as people looked in awe. On the opposite end of the park, the 6th Annual Comma Crazy Basketball Tournament brought a level of energy that would rival any other outdoor tournament happening in the state. Each element seamlessly flowed together, and created an environment with no shortage of things to experience.

Moneta-Kai has expressed his desire to have The Queen City Project become an annual event in Plainfield, the city that raised him. Based on the reception, the staying power will definitely resonate beyond the city's borders.

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