Partnership: Cindelle's Bookstore

In the heart of Plainfield, NJ, reading is taking center stage as Cindelle's Bookstore and Good Soil join hands to promote a love for books and lifelong learning. With a shared vision of enriching the community of Plainfield, this partnership sets its sights on fostering a culture around literacy that resonates with the people.

Literacy is more than just the ability to read; it is a gateway to knowledge, imagination, and empowerment. Cindelle's Bookstore, founded by Cindelle Harris-Blackmon, M.A., provides an online bookshop experience that meets people where they are. For those looking for more direct access, they also have multiple little libraries around The City of Plainfield.

Cindelle envisions a community bookstore that provides space for connection and experience, both online and in-person. Not only do they hold silent book readings at a local coffee shop, but they also create virtual events where they shine a light on emerging writers by hosting author chats. Good Soil, an organization driven by community impact, recognizes the significance of such an investment, and is working with Cindelle's Bookstore to help boost both literary culture and literacy rates in Plainfield. The vision is to do so through intentional events and activating community spaces like the Plainfield Public Library, turning them into hubs for the people.

To learn more about Cindelle's Bookstore, visit the website at or follow them on Instagram at @cindellesbookstore.

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