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Community Spaces as a Cultural Catalyst

To invest in local culture, a connection is needed with the people whose experiences create the culture. That is why it is essential to have community spaces that facilitate both connection and experience. These hubs serve as drivers for collaboration and social activity, and in their understanding lies a blueprint for nurturing an active, vibrant culture. Culture becomes tangible when people have places to gather, create, and live. Spud Marshall, author of “Designing Creative Communities,” states that "One of the most important roles of a community builder is to create the conditions where others can dream about what's possible.” When the prospects of an environment are illuminated for the public, people can explore the extent of their individual and collective...

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Community Event: Dream City Convos | Oct. '23

Bodies slowly trickled in to a soundtrack of chill vibes. Black and Brown faces from creative spheres, entrepreneurial spaces, and activist backgrounds gathered to discuss the issues relevant to their community - and explore how they might be fixed. Community improvement requires community engagement, and the people were more than eager to build a vision for the future of The Field. Check the gallery after the jump.  

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